Instructor Course

Are you a dive master or dive instructor?

Do you have a dive shop or dive center? You need a reliable diving organization as a partner at your side? PDA offers you much more! – Numerous training e-Books for your courses, FREE – For each certification a PDA eCard „FREE* – Fair PDA membership and certification prices – 1 membership fee for all areas, scuba diving, TEC Diving, Medic First Aid, Free Diving, Special Needs –

Recognized worldwide, PDA is a member of RSTC Europe and EUF with ISO certified courses – Own equipment brand TREE scuba equipment for PDA Members, ABC Sets, Wings etc. also distribution from other equipment manufacturers. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we would like to make you a START UP 2022/ 23 offer so that you can start diving again quickly without high costs. Yes, absolute FAIR PLAY !!! If you are interested, then inform yourself about the possibilities with us.

TRY PDA ….. YES WE CAN…. PDA has been on the market for over 25 years and is growing fast, so the structures can grow with it. Further information:

PDA Philippines, Puerto Galera or personally our office We look forward to you!

Mac Schmitt

PDA Course Director

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