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You are diving in the blue, tropical water, somewhere in the pacific ocean, big coral fields, bizar formations, every square cm is full with coulorful, fantastic underwater species, all kinds of coral fishes around you, you look up, thousands of silver shining tunas,  it makes me feel dizzy…you wake up… dream is finished!

the work at office is waiting!

You are, and i am happy about, on our homepage…and so, you are not only want to dream about diving, you want it in reality! you had you head allready down there? may on a snorcel trip on you last vacation, or even in a discover scuba programm, or you are already certified as a diver…and now you want to know which kind of opportunity you have for your next vacation…may you want to become a wreck diver, or you want to know how to help others in case of an emergency, want to know how to take nice pictures under water, or even to become a proffessional diver…look at our PDA Programm which offers you all kinds of courses, from beginners up to proffessional level…


Over two thirds of our planet’s surface is covered by water. You are about to discover
a new world and we are looking forward to guide you on your first steps into this
wonderful and adventurous world. We will teach you all the knowledge and skills you
need for your under water adventures. We wish you lots of fun and unforgettable
Your PDA Team
Who or what is PDA?

PDA is an international diving education organization, which means that your diving
certification is recognized worldwide. We certify divers internationally through our
different training programs, we provide teaching materials to students and instructors,
set standards and monitor these and we teach and certify instructors, focusing on safe
diving practices and fun.
What are you qualified to do after passing the Open Water Diver course?
After successfully completing your Open Water Diver course, you are certified to:
 Dive with a partner using scuba equipment to a depth of 20 meters
 Rent equipment
 Continue your dive training and participate in further dive activities
Course structure Open Water Diver
The PDA Open Water Diver course consists of three parts: the Knowledge development,
which supplies you with all the theoretical knowledge about diving that
you need to know (download YOUR FREE E-manual here ), the Pool training (2 to 3 sessions 3 hours each) where you will learn all relevant skills in the pool that are needed to follow safe diving procedures, and
practice these until you have sufficiently mastered them. And lastly the Open water
training (4 to 5 dives) where you will apply your knowledge and skills you have learned
in a real under water environment. At the end of your knowledge development you will
take a final exam, this is a multiple choice exam following up on the most important
aspects about diving that you have to know. The pass mark is 75% but you may retake
the exam if you should score below that mark. After you have successfully participated
in all three segments of the Open Water Diver course and have passed the final
knowledge exam you will receive you internationally recognized certification in form of
a PDA picture ID dive card. We well store your records and you can request a new ID
card any time should your card get lost.


You are a DM or even an AI? Now you can become an PDA Instructor…all e-learning Materials are online and for FREE…or you are tired of your dive organisation? come and cross over to our family…its easy and reasonable…

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